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Grand Canyon, Arizona
Fishermans Bastion, Budapest
Queenstown Beach, New Zealand

Below is my ever-growing bucket list! I add to this pretty much all the time, as soon as I find new things that I want to experience, or I tick off a few, I add a few more. As I blog about things I have ticked off, I will link them. You can also find them under the "Bucket List" tag. Let me know if you have any recommendations of other things I should add!

1. Visit New York

2. Leaning tower of Pisa

3. Spend Christmas in another Country

4. Celebrate New Years Eve abroad

5. Watch the Catatumbo Lightening – Venezuela

6. Go Whale Watching

7. See the Northern Lights

8. Visit Iceland (and the blue lagoon!)

9. Visit at least 30 countries before I’m 30

10. Learn another language

11. Go on a Safari in Africa

12. Live abroad for at least a year

13. Go to Rio Carnival

14. Visit LA

15. Go to the Top of the Burj Khalifa

16. Ride a Camel

17. Go to Vegas

18. Scuba Dive in the Carribbean

19. Dive / Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

20. Climb Kilimanjaro

21. Go to Niagara Falls (again - I went when I was very young so I don't count it!)

22. Road trip along route 66

23. Visit all 7 Continents

24. Swim with wild dolphins in Mauritius

25. Visit the Maldives

26. Visit the French Polynesia

27. Trek in the Amazon Rainforest

28. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt

29. Full Moon Party – Thailand

30. Stay at Kakslauttanen Igloo Hotel – Finland

31. Go to a café in Amsterdam

32. Visit all 7 wonders of the world

33. Go Skiing (again, I was very young so don't count it)

34. Visit Chernobyl

35. Go to Ireland for St. Patricks day

36. Top of the Empire State Building

37. Fly Business Class

38. Fly First Class

39. Walk the Great Wall of China

40. Visit Venice

41. Go to Lapland for Christmas

42. Oktoberfest

43. Interrail in Europe

44. Party in Ibiza

45. Attend Burning Man Festival

46. Go to Disneyworld, Florida

47. Stay at the Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

48. Stay at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

49. Travel somewhere alone

50. Visit every country in Europe

51. Go to South Africa

52. Book a flight out of England somewhere random for the same day

53. Go to Waitomo Glow worm caves, NZ

54. Backpack South America

55. Visit Maya Bay (The Beach) in Thailand

56. Go to Glastonbury Festival

57. Learn to surf

58. Skydive

59. Go to Mount Fuji

60. Stay at Giraffe Manor, Kenya

61. Hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey

62. Go to Pammukkale, Turkey

63. Visit Yosemite National Park 

64. Visit Joshua Tree National Park

65. Go to the Grand Canyon

66. Go to Chiang Mai Lantern festival, Thailand

67. Visit the Lake District, England

68. Visit the Peak District, England

69. Go to Isle of Skye, Scotland