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    8 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting St Lucia

    When I found out I was going on a trip to the tropical Caribbean island of St Lucia, I did what I always do, and try to research as much as possible before I go. Unfortunately, there didn’t really seem to be a lot of useful information available in the travel blogging world. So upon my return I thought I would put together this guide of things to know before arriving, to help others who might find themselves in the same situation. You’re gonna need cash – and I’d get it before you go. I’m used to travelling abroad with no cash and then using a ‘Revolut’ or Monzo card…

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    New Zealand in 2 Weeks: How to see both Islands

    As soon as I visited New Zealand it instantly became my second favourite country (behind Vietnam)- not bad considering I never felt the urge to visit before. Two weeks really isn’t enough time to do everything this incredible country has to offer, but despite what people say, it IS possible to squeeze in the top attractions of New Zealand in just 2 weeks.  Firstly, it is worth noting that we would not have been able to squeeze this much in if we hadn’t picked up a rental car. I can’t imagine travelling around New Zealand any other way, to be honest. We used omega rental in both the north and the…